Every quality boat begins with a quality mold. Because our boats are all finished in premium quality gelcoat and never painted, the mold is the key to a durable high luster finish. Our molds are meticulously maintained to ensure a highly consistent product.


All the hardware on a WhiteTip is top notch marine stainless steel. All hinges and latches are molded to lie flush on the deck, our cutting edge pull up cleats minimize snagging and all acrylic access doors are chemically bonded with no exposed screw heads to create a seamless look. 


Hulls, decks and all small parts are 100% hand laminated using only the best American made fiberglass, resins, gel coats and high density composite materials for transoms and coring. 


The backbone of our "bulletproof" strakeless hull design is our engineered stringer grid. Each grid is molded to fit the hull exactly, bonded and injected with high density foam, making this hull virtually indestructible.